Candy Crush Cheats Unlimited Lives!

You have probably heard about Candy Crush cheats of all sorts. For those occasions in which you need an instant cheat simply because you do not have the time to wait patiently for more lives, here is the one for you.

This cheat is destined to be utilized only for iOS systems but can help you overcome an exceptionally hard stage any time you need to have a few spare lives.

Unlimited Lives
  1. Go to ‘Configuration settings’, then pick ‘General’ and select ‘Time and date’.
  2. Modify ‘the set automatically’ option (In case it is set) to off.
  3. Move the date forward by 1 day. Do not go more than this, it will not provide you with any gain.
  4. Open up Candy Crush Saga. However do not begin to play at this time. Wait around twenty sec to share the date.
  5. Slide out of Candy Crush and browse to the ‘Time/Date’ setting, flip ‘set automatically’ back to on.
  6. Return to the game and you will still have these extra lives.
  7. You can perform this operation repeatedly as necessary.

It must be noted that this technique is time intensive and extremely annoying to need to keep redoing, you can get yourself more lives with not as much work by utilizing some of the free Candy Crush Cheats hacks which are available all across the net.

The Best Candy Crush Cheats

When considering on getting the hang of Candy Crush, you will find entire books that might be written about the subject, however the easiest and finest approach to master the game is through very carefully picked Candy Crush cheats coupled with hacks. When it is unrealistic to use these power tools, however, the following information will get you covered.

Do not Purchase Power Ups

This cannot be more firmly stated. As soon as you get to the triple digit stages, things get difficult, very difficult. Do not waste your hard earned cash purchasing power ups that won't actually assist you in the long term anyway. As an alternative, look into downloading some of the Candy Crush Saga Cheats tool to get endless lives.

Power Candy Combinations

A rarely used technique to really make the most from your crushing would be to swap power candies to get different results. It will take a little experimenting to find out what candies accomplish what when swapped, but it will be worth it.

Remove the Chocolate

Who does not love chocolates? In Candy Crush, on the other hand, these pieces will regrow in case you do not eliminate them. The more time they're going unclear, they will multiply and before you realize it you will have a ton of them. This could be a headache when you are attempting to clear a stage.

The strength of Striped Candy

To get rid of jelly, you will want to really take advantage of striped candy, however play them very carefully! Utilizing them vertically or horizontally together with the jelly and after that stacking up a combination can help you clean out those annoying jellies.

Candy Crush Cheats

Three is nice but four is much better

Popping three candies is not hard, however if you could match four, or even five, you will get yourself a real treat. Match four and you will obtain a unique candy that clears out a complete row whenever coupled with 2 other candies of the identical color. Match five and you will have an extra special element called a color blast that, if color matched, is going to clean out the coloured pieces throughout the whole board!

Quick does not Always Lead to High Scores

Even though clearing stages fast usually means an increased score, it is not the only method to get higher scores. When you are getting closer to the end of a stage and have moves left, the game yields power candies as well as jelly fish for each and every unused move you've kept. Which means you can in fact increase your score by very carefully selecting your moves close to the end of the stage to be able to better use of the unique candies this game spawns.

Bottom line

Considering the variety of new ways to play, it is difficult to visualize a single best methodology, however the payouts for boosters causes it to be a costly activity without you even acknowledging it.

Candy Crush Saga Cheats Booster Wheel - Totally free Boosters Every Day

Candy Crush Saga supplies a spin to their ‘Daily Booster Wheel’ that permit you to win seven distinct prices, you just simply click on it then push stop, and the spinner will begin to reduce speed and earn one of several eight reward boosters shown on it.

Prizes - Boosters

The prizes booster in candy crush includes -
1. Lollipop Hammer
2. Jackpot
3. Free Switch
4. Colour Bomb
5. Lucky Candy
6. Coconut Wheel
7. Wrapped and Striped Candy
8. Jelly Fish

The Jackpot will give you three items of each one of the rewards, so you'll get yourself a total of twenty one boosters. However the likelihood of obtaining the jackpot can be extremely low and even though it appears that the spinning is even, it is not really.


  1. One spin each and every day.
  2. If you've linked Candy Crush Facebook application using the mobile phone or tablet application, you will not have the ability to share the boosters between FB and your mobile/table app, which means -
    1. The boosters that you will get in Facebook are going to be only accessible in the Facebook application and vice-versa while using mobile/tables application
    2. The likelihood of hitting the Jackpot can be extremely small

Candy Crush Saga Cheats and Tricks You Should Know

Listed here is a set of the top five Candy Crush saga cheats you need to know:

  • Read the board and also plan your movements
A very important factor that you need to do on each and every level (That isn't timed), would be to study well enough the board and prepare each and every move and two-three moves in advance. Even when it is a little time intensive this really is super valuable in hard levels so that you do not wind up losing very quickly and repeating the stage way too many times.
  • Reshuffle and restart the board occasionally
Sometimes you'll begin with an extremely bad board, the best choice is to re-shuffle the board and begin from zero without losing virtually any lives.
  • Do not wait half an hour or ask buddies for lives
There's a candy crush cheats to obtain endless volume of lives, do not wait half an hour for a brand new live or burden friends to provide you with lives, obtain them yourself in a few sec.
  • Play the game coming from the bottom
The majority of the times you needs to be playing coming from the bottom with extreme caution, this should help you out to clean items above with waterfalls combinations, make sure to plan each and every move because you can plan 2 -3 moves in advance to produce special candies.
  • Blend together unique candies

When you are getting a special candy many people will attempt to utilize them as quickly as they're able to. If you possess the chance it is best to combine them up and come by using a special mixture. The end result will be much better if you combine a mix of special candies instead of utilizing them on their own. 

Sound Advice for Candy Crush Cheats

Given here are some of the best Candy Crush Cheats to boost up your game:
  • Concentrate all of the board instead of a single spot -
Occasionally you're too focused in a single spot instead of all of the board that you'll miss big possibilities to get special candies or even to clear some other better regions, open up your eyes at all point and check out the best options that exist.
  • Keep close track of the bomb timers -
Occasionally you'll get off track on the bombs and they'll reach to zero leading you to lose the stage and a live. Make sure to focus on the timer of every bomb every single move so that you do not forget to clean them up just before they explode.
  • Do not always believe in the game recommendations -
Occasionally the recommendations of the game will not be the greatest possible ones, make sure to analyze all of the possible moves you've before utilizing a recommended move from the app.
  • Finishing a stage together with the least moves may not get you the maximum score sometimes. At times you need to get the maximum score or perhaps to pass the score of your Candy Crush Saga buddy and you concentrate in clearing the stage with the smallest amount of moves. In some cases this is not the ultimate way to go.
  • Clean jellies around the edges -
While in jelly stages which are filling out the board, attempt to clean up first the very least accessible jellies such as the ones in the sides and also the corners. When you have an opportunity clear them up since you will wind up losing many stages focusing your very last moves on these particular jellies.

Candy Crush Saga Cheats from

Below are some of the best Candy Crush Saga Cheats from

  • Matching 5 candies one after the other produce a ‘color bomb’. Mixing a color bomb along with any candy in any color can clear all of the candies of this color.
  • Sugar Crush - By the end of a stage, in case you continue to have Moves leftover or if there are actually any Unique Candies remaining then there's a series in which you get reward score because you performed very well.
  • On Candy Land, gamers have 5 lives to begin with. When failing a stage, a gamer will lose a life, however the life is refilled (for totally free) after half an hour.
  • Sometimes you have to reconnect to FB again to obtain your Facebook messages. This can be done in the primary menu through tapping the ‘Connect’ symbol.
  • You can enjoy the entire game without the need of ever connecting to FB. You may also engage in Candy Crush Saga without having a connection to the internet.
  • Charms are everlasting which means that when you purchase a charm it's yours to keep permanently. This implies that they may cost a bit more than other products within the game that you consume and purchase again and again.
  • Several Charms, such as the Frozen Time Charm, could be toggled off and on through the screen that appears while tapping the button on the map, next to the Boosters. Some other Charms, such as the Charm of Stripes, can be used in the stage during game play, and is utilized by tapping the related button on the top left part of the display screen.
  • Boosters include a variety of charges. When you make use of the Booster, a single charge is taken. Boosters are generally less expensive than most Charms and could be quite useful when you are in a pickle or you are stuck over a particularly tricky stage.